What is Fakaza music? Popular Question about Us

What is Fakaza music?

What is Fakaza music?

Fakaza is a Zulu term that can signify a variety of things, including testify, witness, prove, attest, and many other things.

FakazaDuo.com is a South African music website that was launched in September 2016 in response to the global rise of South African music. FakazaDuo.com features the most recent urban releases from South African artists in a variety of genres, including

Fakaza music Featured genres

  1. Hip Hop,
  2. Kwaito,
  3. Afro House music
  4. Amapiano
  5. Maskandi
  6. Gospel
  7. Xitsonga
  8. Afro House
  9. Deep House
  10. Soulful House
  11. Hip-Hop
  12. Bolo House
  13. Afrikaans
  14. Afro Pop
  15. RnB/Soul
  16. Afro Soul

Since its inception, the site has developed to become a go-to resource for all things South African music.

Please contact us at music@fakazaDuo.com with any questions.

To advertise, please send an email to ads@fakazaduo.com.