Stompie Mavi Songs – Albums, Mp3, Playlists

Stompie Mavi Songs - Albums, Mp3, Playlists

Stompie Mavi Songs – Albums, Mp3, Playlists Download: Stompie Mavi, who was born on April 21, 1955, made a significant contribution to the present popularity of Xhosa music. Unomnganga exemplifies his genius in transforming a Xhosa traditional song into a universally recognized hit that transcends the limitations of the language speakers.

Despite the effects of paralysis (and being wheelchair confined) as a result of being stabbed in a robbery, he was able to assert and establish himself as one of the most prominent musicians of his day. So much so that his music and lyrics are still highly regarded today.

He died on January 17, 2008, following a long fight with low blood pressure that resulted in multiple pneumonia bouts. The music business was understandably shocked to learn of his death.

Popular Stompie Mavi Songs

Stompie Mavi was a prolific musician, and he recorded many songs during his career. Here is a list of some of his most popular and well-known songs:

1. Umendo
2. Ngenxa Yakho
3. Nomganga
4. Manyano
5. Ezomzi
6. Mother Africa
7. So Magwaza
8. Born In Africa
9. Teba
10. Nozamile
11. nomnganga
12. Amampondo
13. Oneness
14. Bless Africa
15. Badela’s Lament
16. Somagwaza
17. Bayombela
18. Usilethela uxolo (Nelson Mandela)
19. Wobuya
20. Nomalenge
21. King Sabata Dalindyebo
22. Phansintonga
23. Stharara
24. Umbongo
25. To Chris Hani (Phumla)
26. Tyamzashe
27. Nongabela
28. Nomganga (Album Version)
29. Next To Opela Street
30. Greatest Morning
31. Ithongo
32. Magamase
33. Zimbi Ngawe
34. Ngenxa Yakho (Album Version)
35. Zakhele
36. Tepa
37. Umendo (Album Version)
38. Phansi Intonga
39. Nozimanga
40. Khambarage
41. Opela Street
42. Thou Shall Not Kill
43. Umendo [Album Version]
44. Sabata
45. Lendiba
46. Bayombhela
47. Home Sweet Home
48. Stompie Mavi – Umendo
49. Isihlalo
50. Nomganga [Album Version]