South African singer – Judith Sephuma

South African singer - Judith Sephuma

South African singer song and lyrics – Judith Sephuma: Judith Sephuma is a South African jazz and Afro-pop singer born 29 June 1974. Judith Sephuma’s 2011 CD, I AM LIVING TESTIMONY, established her position as South Africa’s preeminent female performer once again.

The album, her fourth studio effort, has been characterized as the multi-award winner and multi-platinum seller’s most “inspirational” record to date – and it’s no surprise that the live events surrounding the album’s release in the second half of 2011 drew large crowds.

Furthermore, Sephuma has made certain that her new material delivers a subtle twist on her signature sound – this time, on I AM LIVING TESTIMONY, there are plenty of Gospel and funk elements that mix comfortably with the Afro-Soul and Jazz music that has earned Sephuma such a devoted fanbase.

Sephuma broke into the South African music scene a decade ago, like a beautiful flower blossoming for spring. That was the case with Sephuma’s debut album, 2001’s ‘A Cry, A Smile, A Dance,’ which captivated music fans with its incredible moving title track and brightly-hued, still memorable video.

Judith Sephuma top Songs

1. Le Tshephile Mang
2. Mmangwane
3. Naka Di A Lela
4. Are You Still There
5. A Cry, A Smile, A Dance
6. Can’t Let Go
7. I Remember
8. My Saviour
9. You Had Your Hand On Me
10. Mme Motswadi
11. Memories
12. Iya Iyo
13. New Beginnings
14. Give Peace A Chance
15. Iinkanyezi
16. You Had Your Hand On Me ((Reprise))
17. Iyo Iyo
18. Le Tshephile Mang (South Africa)
19. Let My Voice
20. A Place For You
21. Timeless Moments
22. Thul’ umamele
23. A Cry, A Smile, A Dance – Edited Version
24. Tshiwana
25. Tseleng
26. You Stole My Heart Away
27. Prelude
28. Ga Bomoloto
29. Change Is Here
30. Lerato La Pelo Ya Ka
31. Gae
32. Tell Me Why
33. You Had Your Hand… (Reprise)
34. A Smile A Cry A Dance
35. Thapedi
36. Kwazi Bani
37. Le Tshephile Mang (Women of Africa)
38. Write Me A Letter
39. Kwazi Bani (feat. Ringo Madlingozi)
40. Kupedza Nguva
41. A Call
42. Le Tshephile Mang (Live At The Market Theatre
43. Kupedza Nguva feat. Oliver Mtukudzi
44. Wena Wedwa
45. Mokgoshi
46. Le A Falala
47. Le Tshephile Mang (South Afric
48. I Am A Living Testimony
49. Ke Sikiloe Ke Jesu – Live
50. Ndo Neta