Blondie Makhene Songs Lyrics – Album

Blondie Makhene Songs Lyrics - Album

Blondie Makhene Songs Lyrics – Album

Gerald Makhene, often known as Blondie Makhene, is a well-known artist who has worked in the profession for a long time. There is a lot about him that most people would like to know. His biography is a synopsis of the man he is.

  • Children: Letoya Makhene
  • Albums: Sthunywa Sami, 9 – To – 15 Years

Blondie Makhene is one of the artists whose talent is undeniable in his field. He has established a legacy and a name for himself, particularly through his fight songs, which have had an impact on the country’s political history. Aside from that, he is well-known for inspiring his daughters to pursue music, with the latter making the most of their talent.


He has one album that was released in 2014 and has the following tracklist.

  • Ilanga Lokufa
  • Sthandwa Sami
  • Kujabul’ Amadlozi
  • Ndikondle
  • Zubara Yenda (feat. Letoya)
  • Ngihawukele
  • Shoba Labangoma
  • Umoya
  • Ndafa Ndaroba
  • Kenna Yo Morena


  • Overtime
  • Spreading Love
  • Ntate Modise
  • Baby I’m Missing You
  • When I’m in Your Arms
  • Skhanda Mayeza
  • Kajeno Ke Mokete
  • Thabana Morena
  • Pekwa Pekwa
  • Thibela Nja Tseo
  • Abuli Yole
  • Inside Out
  • Vamos a Bailar
  • Mosadi Wa Ka

Struggle Songs

Blondie grew famous for singing struggle songs, and these are some of them:

  1. Amaqabane Too Many People
  2. Ntate Modise Sa 1990 African Zulu Funk Bayou Funk
  3. Mandela Uthhayihlome
  4. Slovo No Tambo
  5. Ayilelanga
  6. Lomhlaba Siwugezile
  7. Woza Woza Anc