Ntsiki Mazwai Songs Lyrics – Album

Ntsiki Mazwai Songs Lyrics - Album

Ntsiki Mazwai Songs Lyrics – Album

Ntsiki Mazwai is a well-known South African Beadwork Artist, Musician, Author, Poet, Producer, Blogger, and Social Activist. Ntsiki loves to keep her personal life secret, therefore facts regarding her partner or fiance are unknown.

  • Born: 23 September 1980 (age 41 years), Soweto
  • Siblings: Thandiswa Mazwai

Her artistic journey has been really inspiring to follow. Initially channeling herself into her beadwork line, The House of Mobu; later evolving into an all-woman spoken word collective, Feel A Sistah; and later releasing smash hit ‘uRongo’ as a solo musical performer.

She went on to write a book, produce the well-known MaMa Said Sessions at Roodepoort Theatre, and release her sophomore album. Ntsiki performs locally and internationally, focusing on black consciousness and women’s issues.


  • Angisakufuni
  • Sneaking and Creeping
  • Qhawekazi
  • Urongo
  • Believe
  • African Skies
  • Wena
  • Sweet Poison
  • Ndingubani
  • Siyabangena
  • Mr No Good
  • Ndinje
  • Some Fathers of These Days
  • Ngilosi Yam’
  • Ode to an Emcee
  • Nina
  • Nguwe
  • Uzobuya
  • Mama
  • Is It Ok?
  • Hurting Me
  • Marika
  • I Choose Life
  • Risen
  • Lixesha
  • Xesha Lam
  • Love in Soweto
  • Ka Nci Nci Mos
  • You


  • The House of Mobu (Beadwork Range. 2002)
  • MaMiya (Spoken Word SAMA nominated album 2008)
  • Ntsiki Speaks (1 woman play, 2009, 2016)
  • Wena (Poetry anthology, 2010)
  • Mama Said Session (Talkshow/Music series, 2012-2013)
  • NDINGUBANI (Spoken Word and Music album, 2013)


Her poetry is performed with a Dj and also with a full band. To get Ntsiki Mazwai Poems to click the following link.

Net Worth

Her net worth is believed to be $500,000 dollars.