Listen to Amapiano Playlist 2021


Listen to Amapiano Playlist of 2021

Listen to Amapiano Playlist 2021: Fakaza Duo Music has compiled a playlist of the top 2021 Amapiano Songs on Trends, some of which were released in 2020. The list will be updated regularly to reflect the latest  Amapiano hits.

Umsebenzi Wethu by Busta 929 and Mpura ft. Mr JazziQ, Zuma, Lady Du, and Reece Madlisa

The sluggish hit, which was released during the December lockdown’ festivities, has held the baton as one of the hottest Amapiano tracks to date. Busta 929, Mpura, JazziQ, and Reece Madlisa are featured on the first of many hits.

Bella Ciao by Tyler ICU and Nicole Elocin ft. Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa

Tyler ICU and Nicole Elocin team up with the prolific Scorpion Kings to produce the infectious number, which has since become a rousing anthem among amapiano fans. Inspired by a late 19th century Italian folk protest anthem titled Bella Ciao, this song sees Tyler ICU and Nicole Elocin team up with the prolific Scorpion Kings to produce the infectious number, which has since become a rousing anthem among amapiano followers.

Ke Star Remix by Focalistic and Davido ft. Vigro Deep

Focalistic enlisted Naija Afrobeats musician Davido for the remix of his 2020 mega song “Ke Star,” which was released in February. Diddy, Alicia Keys, and Swizz Beatz, all of whom were seen dancing or playing the song, left amapiano fans speechless.

Nkulunkulu by Kamo Mphela

The brand of singer and choreographer Kamo Mphela has become known for its snazzy outfits, appealing theatrics, and explosive dance techniques. On the singer’s debut solo smash, the 21-year-old exudes confidence and charisma, delivering a punchy mix of a rip-roaring beat, exhilarating graphics, and her signature dances.

VSOP by Mr JazziQ and Busta 929 ft. Reece Madlisa, Zuma, Mpura, Riky Rick and 9umba

Another hit from the current collaborators. The ”prayer song” is named after a popular cognac, and much of the video is set in a church, with people praying for a better life.

Gcina Impilo Yam by DJ Cleo ft. Bucy Radebe

Every now and again, a non-gospel performer releases a gospel-infused song that quickly rises to the top of playlists. Cleo, the respected house DJ, and Bucy Radebe, the acclaimed house DJ, are both guilty of making similar work this year. The legendary DJ, one of the country’s most effective beatsmiths, makes a comeback on the song.

Emathandweni by DJ Zandimaz ft. Nokwazi

The single, which was released late last year, has continued to make waves in South Africa in 2021. It features Nokwazi, an undoubtedly talented vocalist who pours out her powerful vocals throughout the touching love ballad.

Right Here by Mapara A Jazz ft. Master KG, the Soweto Gospel Choir, Mr Brown and John Deling

The romantic song boasts a unique cooperation with renowned personalities such as Master KG and the Soweto Gospel Choir, who expertly layer the hook to generate an unexpected yet heartbreaking amapiano love ballad, which was published on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Woza by JazziQ ft. Kabza De Small, Lady Du and Boohle

After conducting a poll among his social media followers, JazziQ releases the voted song “Woza” from his arsenal of songs. Kabza De Small, Lady Du, and Boohle are among the amapiano forces featured in the infectious dance tune.

Bathandwa by MFR Souls ft. Bassie

MFR Souls, the amapiano pioneers, have a positive start to the year with this track, following a colorful 2020. The song demonstrates their lasting power on the amapiano scene while also exposing audiences to Bassie, a relatively fresh performer.

Dakiwe by DBN Gogo and Lady Du ft. Mr JazziQ, Seekay and Busta 929

With DBN Gogo on the decks and Lady Du doing her vocal stints, DBN Gogo and Lady Du make for a great working female cooperation. The two musicians give the audience a six-minute devil-may-care getaway from their immediate surroundings.