Dj melzi Cheated On The Bomb SA

Dj melzi Cheated On The Bomb SA

Did Dj melzi Cheated On The Bomb SA?

DJ Melzi was allegedly caught cheating on The Bomb, his soon-to-be wife. Here’s all you need to know about his alleged cheating allegations.

DJ Melzi has been chastised by The Bomb fans for reportedly cheating on the famous model. When he was sighted with a woman in the North West, a swarm of tweets about his alleged cheating suspicions began.

And the news is currently dominating social media. So yet, neither DJ Melzi nor the Bomb have commented on the rumors. However, given the popularity of these stories on the internet, they may be forced to step forward and speak shortly.

Was DJ Melzi Found Cheating Bomb? Rumors explained!

DJ Melzi is coming under fire on social media for reportedly cheating on his fiancee, The Bomb.

The suspicions began when DJ Melzi was seen in a car with a woman. Users assume the woman is Amogelang Manyisa, another Instagram model.

However, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that DJ Melzi cheated on his wife. However, the rumors are still highly prevalent for the time being.

DJ Melzi is now working on his record, which is set to be released in October.

Who is Amogelang Manyisa, DJ Melzi is cheated with?

Amogelang Manyisa is a model and fashion blogger from South Africa.

The Instagram celebrity also has over 150k followers on the app. She is a model who who gives beauty and lifestyle advice.

DJ Melzi and The Bomb: Are they Married?

DJ Melzi and The Bomb are getting married shortly.

The approach was offered by the music producer a few months ago in 2021. The pair dated for a while before making the big decision.

For more than a year, the 19-year-old has been in a serious relationship with his fiance. Andiswa Selepe is her given name. She has almost a million Instagram followers.