Ami Faku is a lyricist and artist from South Africa who is noted for her “current day Afro-soul” music. The fastest emerging musician has a unique musical style that combines soul with modern pop and traditional Afro-soul characteristics.

She has had hit tunes such as “Love Drunk,” “Ubuhle Bakho,” and “Ndikhethe Wena,” which are frequently heard on SA radio.

Ami was featured in Sun El-Musicians’ single “Into Ingawe,” which is currently one of the country’s top singles. Within three (3) weeks of its release, the song had surpassed one million streams.

Her verses are simple, according to the singer and guitarist. She states, “My music is dependent on contacting you with a certain aim in mind,” adding, “I don’t have a divider, that is my picture.”

In 2017, she made her mark in the business by appearing on The Voice SA, a television talent show. Despite everything, she continued to play music under the name Amanda Faku at the time.

She spoke about her experience on The Voice SA in a meeting. “It’s just about never giving up and realizing that you have something to contribute and that you’ll always be valid and reliable.”

The congregation, reggae, hip-hop, and anything else she listened to had an impact on her.

“I discovered I had the ability to sing in a religious setting. Chapel, reggae, hip-hop, and whatever else that I listen to has an impact on me. I look up to see such a large number of artisans. I don’t have just one icon; I have a lot of them. As a result, I imagine that influences how I write songs and compose music.” she remarked

She discovered her capacity to compose music following her first visit to the studio when she was 18 years old.

Her music comes from her past experiences most of the time, but it can also come from someone else’s.

“Like the title tune on my collection, Imali (cash), I was once in a situation when things didn’t seem to be working out, and all I could see was obscurity. I’ve left that area, but I know there are people who are still there, and that song is primarily about them, the people who are pleading for help and nothing is going well.”

“On occasion, it’s things I’ve encountered, things others have encountered, and things I realize I’ve abandoned others and they are still encountering,” she explained.


Despite leaving the opposition, Ami caught the attention of the record company Vth Season. Ami Faku is now signed to the Vth Season record label.

“At this time, the magical first night stage hasn’t completed, so we’re all still looking after one another strawberry” (giggles). I’m creating some incredible memories. Still, we are overjoyed. “I have nothing negative to say.”

“They don’t have any control over a craftsman. They provide you with the opportunity to convey with your song in whatever way you want.”

“Along these lines, I don’t feel like I’m being tagged at all. “It just feels like people are assisting me in getting to where I need to be,” she explained.


  • LOVE DRUNK (2018)
    Babuyile is a term used to describe a person (2018)
  • Wena Ndikhethe (2018)
  • Imali Imali Imali Imali Imali Im (2019)
  • Ungowam
  • Into Immense Immense Immense Immense Immense Imm (2019)
  • You’ve been lost.
  • Ndiyeke Ndiyeke Ndiyeke N (2019)
  • Bakho Ubuhle (2019)
  • Inde Lendlela Inde Lendlela Inde Lendlela (2019)
  • Mbize Mbize Mbize Mbize M (2019)