Amanda Black SA Releases Her Studio Album ‘Mnyama’


Amanda Black SA Releases Her Studio Album ‘Mnyama’ Zip Download

Amanda, an award-winning singer and songwriter, leads us on a heartfelt and profound musical journey through loss and learning to forgive yourself. Amanda’s album, which has collaborations with the likes of ‘Jikizinto’ creator Berita, J’Something, Christer, and Kwesta, features a 10-song track list.

“This album is a real representation of how the emotional process goes. Self love is a journey and we always expect to get to the final destination quickly, but the final destination is you. You have to be okay with yourself. It’s the biggest part of the journey.”

Apple Music, The album opens with Amanda beautifully humming at the beginning of ‘Ndandihleli, a song that bares resemblance to an old Xhosa hymn she sang growing up.