Why employees quit from Jobs

Sometimes as a manager or boss, you have seen yourself complaining that your employees are always quitting and working out of their jobs without you knowing the sole reasons behind.  Most times especially for private entities there might be a lot of reasons why employees might want to quit such as small salaries but the most common one that makes you quit faster is the bad attitude of some bosses. In this article, I will be sharing with things bosses do that make employees quit.

Why employees quit from Jobs

  1. Some bosses are good at overworking their employees with excess work responsibilities that are necessary not their right duty and making stay all day in your workplace trying to please them but still, they are not pleased. Some of them will even go to the extent of assigning their duties to you thereby making you work like an elephant when you are not even one.
  2. After overworking you with loads of assignments and responsibilities, they won’t still see your efforts and contributions as something that they should recognize or reward you for.
  3. Some of these bosses don’t care about your personal welfare at all, the only thing they care about is about coming to work everyday single day to make some money for you, so whether everything is ok with you or not is none of their business.
  4. It is true as an employee that you owe that your work some level of commitment but sometimes your boss should be able to honor that commitment of yours but still some bosses won’t do that.
  5. You know that we people with the same like minds work together that it results to more productive and effective results but some bosses would always employ the wrong people who don’t know anything about that particular Job to come work with you and you that could be frustrating because those set of people would always draw you back from progressing in your workplace.
  6. Some bosses are just as stingy and selfish as what I don’t know instead of them you bring out some funds and improve their people’s skills they won’t rather they will choose to remain in one place as they were some many ago even though when they know that the world is changing fast for them to be still relevant that they will need to acquire or improve in some of their employee’s skills.

Other reasons why some employees might want to quit because their bosses would be following; they don’t allow employees to pursue their passion, they fail to engage creativity and they fail to be intellectually challenging, etc.

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