What job corps is all about

Job corps are mostly common in the United States of America and it is a free education and job training program of the U.S department of labor.  This initiative is actually a helping hand to the youth who might be needing it.

Who should apply for the job corps

  • Are you living in the US but for some reason you dropped out of school and still have the desire to still further your education then I think you should consider applying for a job corps.
  • Or maybe you have been applying for jobs around but you end up not getting the job because a particular special needs that the job requires, don’t worry you can also apply for Job corps to get the training that you need.

What do you stand to gain from Job corps

If you are accepted into the job corps initiative, you stand to gain the following :

  • They will help you find a career path that might interest and fit you
  • Training
  • A safe place and basic needs that you might be needing as the program is still on

What does it takes to become part of the job corps

To apply for the Job corps initiative, you must have a valid and qualified requirement before you apply and if you are take in you will be assigned to a counsel who helps you with your paperwork on how to get started with the program.

Job corps requirements

For you to be qualified for the job corps initiative/program, you must have to meet the following requirements:

  • Citizenship requirement which includes birth certificate, U. S. passport, etc
  • Age requirement, unfortunately, the job corps program has an age limit requirement only youths age 16-24 years can apply for the program
  • Low-income requirement showing concrete prove of current earnings

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