How to Dress to a job interview

Dressing and clothing are very important aspects of every human being whether male or female because it gives a short description of one without having to ask anybody. The way you dress says a lot about you if not everything about your personality and lifestyle and this is the number one reason why you should always dress smartly and the way you want people around to address you most especially in important events.

How to Dress to a job interview

Interviews of any type most especially Job interviews are one of such events where you should dress very smart and appropriate to as your first impression and appearance matter a lot in the final decision and assessment of such interviews but it is so unfortunate that most job seekers don’t know how and what to wear to a job interview when they are called for one anyway don’t worry because in this piece I will be teaching you the tips on what to wear to job interviews.

For the ladies

  1. When going to a job interview, it is better and smarter to put on a quality long sleeve shirt or blouse with a straight line suitor a gown that is not too fanciful but just make it corporate wear. Most of the time, trousers are just out of it because some of these trousers can be tight and uncomfortable which may sometimes show the pant linens and that’s bad for an interview. For the clothes color, it shouldn’t be shouty and flashy but rather make it a darker color such as black, navy blue, brown, etc.
  2. It is never advisable to put on heels of any type to job interviews that’s why the best footwear to put on as a lady for a job interview should be cover shoes that are flat and low. You should not wear any open footwear that will be showing your toes like scandals, this doesn’t show a good impression at all.
  3. Again your hair is another important thing that you should remember to take care of before going to any job interview. Don’t leave your hair to undo and bushy but try and make it to be neat, beautiful, and smart-looking, and please use dark color preferably black attachments, wig, or weapon for your hairdo, and don’t use multiple colors for it as it doesn’t show professionalism.
  4. Your facial makeup shouldn’t be heavy at all, just a little of it is ok for the interview the same thing applies to your jewelry as well (earrings and wristwatches are just perfect)

For the men

  1. As a man, it is better and smarter for you to put on a complete set of suit with good trousers to go for your job interview. Avoid wearing a polo, t-shirt, shorts for job interviews those are casual wears and not corporate wears for job interviews.
  2. Always put on clean and quality corporate shoes to match with your suit and please don’t wear sneakers to job interviews it is not appropriate.
  3. And again make sure you have a nice and smart hair cut that is well combed and not dreaded hair, colored sprayed hair, etc

 No heavy jewelry or scent but mild of it is just ok.

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